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AWW - Administer WML Websites

AWW is a frontend to WML - the Website META Language. The AWW frontend can do a lot more than the standard wmk that comes with wml, and you can easily write modules for aww yourself.

This program is a command-line tool for Linux/Unix platforms and is written in Perl.

AWW is free software; you can distribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as perl itself. This software comes with absolute no warranty! You can use it freely but it is (so far) only tested by myself, and has probably still a lot of bugs. Contact me at 'aww [at] 42nd (period) de' if you found a bug, need a feature or just like the program!

AWW is written by Michael Schilling!

See Description for more informations about this program and Download the latest release if you like! Have a look at for a bigger example page that is maintained with aww.

(if you don't see a blue background behind the navigationbar on the left your png transparency is broken. This is mostly a problem of the InternetExplorer - so use a decent browser like: Firefox or Opera)


22nd of February 2007:

AWW is dead!
I won't do any more coding on aww. There are so many good webframeworks around, that it's just not worth the effort. Personally I switched to ruby on rails and I want to encourage everyone to look for something more sophisticated than aww. But I will still keep the source code available!

20th of November 2004:

Version 0.34 released!
This release has just a few bugfixes and two minor feature enhancements. SSIs are now supported (.swml files will become .shtml files) and a FileType-Option for the duplicate module was added.
I really hoped to get more done, but my PhD needs all my time for now...

28th of July 2004:

Version 0.33 now in the Gentoo portage tree!
As of today, aww is a part of the Gentoo linux portage tree. So Gentoo users just need to: 'emerge aww'
More on the Download page.

13th of July 2004:

Version 0.33 released!
This release has some minor bugfixes applied. Several install tests and the english module were added.

8th of June 2004:

Gentoo ebuild added to download section!
If you use Gentoo linux - just grab this ebuild and emerge Aww :-)

6th of June 2004:

Version 0.32 released!
This release features the new executable html2wml, that allows to convert already existing html-pages into wml-files. In standard configuration, html2wml scans the input html-file (e.g. OldPage.html) and writes only the content of the <body> ... </body> tag to an output file (OldPage.wml). Several options allow to adjust the behaviour.
Furthermore some bugfixes for the usage of symbolic links were made.

17th of January 2004:

Version 0.31 released!
This release fixes some minor bugs. If you are working with symbolic links within your wml repository this new version will be a lot better.

21st of October 2003:

Version 0.3 released!
This release is a major rewrite of the aww program. The complete configuration is now done with the Config::Simple module, the toc-, wmltoc- and new-modules are packed into one index-module and the thumb-module was completly rewritten and renamed to the thumbnail module. Some missing features (e.g. a --verbose flag) were added as well.

If you update from an earlier version:
Because the complete configuration is done now via the Config::Simple module you have to redo all your configuration files! So after updating to version 0.3 move your configuration directory '$HOME/.aww' somewhere else (e.g. do in your homedir: mv .aww .aww-old) You may need the old files to see, what your configuration was, so I don't recommend to delete the directory.

06th of September 2003:

Version 0.29 released!
A few minor bugs were fixed in this release, including the problem of not recognizing directories in the duplicate module. Two features were added. First, the checktime function was added to check which files need to be processed. Second, a force option was added to force the processing of all files.

27th of August 2003:

Version 0.28 released!
Just minor bugfixes.

29th of June 2003:

First public release of AWW (Version 0.27) !
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