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glcu - gentoo linux cron update is a rich featured program that semi-automatically updates your gentoo box.

glcu runs in the night via cron, prebuilds new packages and sends you an eMail if there are new packages available. The eMail provides also an easy command to fully update your gentoo box and information about the prebuilding processes.

glcu was initially a bash script, published in the gentoo forums. Now a new glcu was programmed in python (>=version 0.9).
The actual version is not stable and shouldn't be used on production systems. glcu is not officially supported by gentoo, and may never will. For now, this is just a private project, an itch that I started to scratch.
If you use glcu, you do it on your own responsibility. I won't take any blame if it will break you computer or steal your wife. And you don't need to blame me, when all your collegues admire your always-up-to-date-gentoo-box ;-).

glcu is written by Michael Schilling and licensed under the GPL-2.

(The Gentoo name and logos are a trademark of The Gentoo Foundation.)


As I don't have the time to develop glcu any further, I will only try to keep the actual code alive and working. But don't expect very quick updates.


*** already done in the CVS version

Known Bugs

** will only be fixed in the new development branch
*** already fixed in the CVS version